200 €

Overdrive in the true spirit.

  • Motorola® silicon transistor
  • Cornell Dubilier® capacitors
  • Silicon and germanium diodes
  • Switchcraft® jacks
  • Alpha® potentiometers
  • Alpha® footswitch – true bypass
  • Paxolin® tagboard construction
  • Max gain: 11 dB
  • Power Supply: 9 Volts DC via battery or PSU
  • Power consumption: 2,5 mA

Technical information

The Sable is one of the first pedals manufactured by Acouphonic. This is an overdrive with a vintage design. The circuit is built around a silicon transistor and two diodes, one germanium, and the other silicon, to obtain a very aggressive overdrive while keeping a certain softness. This pair of diodes allows you to come and clip the signal and approach a saturated triode.

The gain adjustment is not really one, it drives the supply voltage of the transistor to make it work in rarely explored operating ranges. Coupled with a simple Mercure boost, it easily ventures into your fuzzy sound territories

The frequency response of the Mercure: 30 Hz – 30 KHz at -3 dB

Output load: 10 KΩ | Input signal 10 Hz at 30 KHz: 50 mV

Input impedance: 46 KΩ

Output impedance: 3,5 KΩ

Other models

Sable – 200 €

Mercure – 200 €

Satan – 200 €