A human, responsible and artisanal brand

Acouphonic wishes to offer an ethical and committed alternative to the industrialized products currently on the market. Taking care of our planet by avoiding waste is essential for us. This approach guides our artisanal process, from design to manufacturing.

Acouphonic is a small workshop that works at its own pace, in a totally independent way. Each pedal is manufactured individually and most often directly to order.

Our products are entirely handmade in France. The components we use are carefully selected and come mainly from Europe. In the same logic, our pedals and amplifiers use obsolete components from old stocks. This upcycling of components gives them a second life and prevents them from ending up in nature or being destroyed, inevitably leading to a waste of natural resources.

Acouphonic products are reliable and repairable, they use only simple and easily substitutable components thanks to a rational manufacturing technique that excludes any printed circuit and miniaturized components. In theory, it has an infinite lifespan.

The tin used to make our solders is FAIRTIN certified. It is free of lead residues and its extraction itself is environmentally friendly and respectful of the men and women in charge of it.

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Our story

My first encounter with electronic tubes dates back to the late 1990s, and more precisely to the Windows wallpaper of the family computer, showing the inside of an electronic device.  “What are these glass tubes? ». “They’re called lamps, it’s a technology we used before. My father’s answer leaves me thinking and remains engraved in a corner of my memory.

It is a decade later, then high school student/guitarist apprentice in search of an amp, that I hear again about these famous lamps. Unfortunately, tube amps are not to the taste of my wallet. My father, an electromechanical engineer, offered me a deal: buy an old tube radio instead and turn it into an amplifier for my electric guitar.

The deal was concluded for about ten euros and, thanks to the help of my father, the Ducretet radio turned into a small all-lamp amp, ready to be used. It’s the revelation.

What happens next? These are hours spent searching for information in old books on old electronics. Discussions with former TSF repairers and the flea market tour looking for spare parts to restore a 1979 Fender Twin Reverb in need of watts.

Then begins a series of small repairs for the buddies of the buddies. The workshop then acquires its identity and takes the name of Acouphonic.

The desire to manufacture equipment immediately emerged, in parallel with the first repairs. It will first be a modest 1×12 cabinet, equipped with a Celestion speaker, then several amps and finally the first effect pedal, the result of several nights of research and development: the Sable.

In 2013, the workshop moved to Nantes and gradually took the form of a real company. Today it is in Brittany, that I operate with the help of my wife, Léa.

Interview conducted in 2016 by Fred Lombard (in French).

A guided tour through the heart of the workshop.

The Artists

Lou Doillon – Sable

Christian Bland – The Black AngelsSable

Danny Lee Blackwell – The Night BeatsSable

Arthur – J.C SatànSatan